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Introductietraining - Aanwezig Zijn | Rigpa Centrum, Groningen, The Netherlands
24 - 25Sep
Understanding Death, Care for the Dying - Master class | Dzogchen Beara, West Cork, Ireland
Präsent sein - liebevoll begleiten | Rigpa-Zentrum Düsseldorf, Germany
30 - 25Sep Nov
01 - 05Oct
Deep Listening Intensive | Dzogchen Beara, West Cork, Ireland
02 - 19Oct Nov
16 - 19Oct
Advanced Deep Listening | Rigpa-Centre, Berlin, Germany
16 - 19Oct
Making Friends with Death | Near Montreal, Canada

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Spiritual Care Programme
Non-denominational education and care for living and dying inspired by the wisdom and compassion of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.


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Alumni said:

"Caring for another one always means to care for myself, too. Caring for myself is the foundation of everything else but it is often not much noticed. This course helped me a lot to look at myself, to understand and work on me, to find all I need and wish to give to others inside of me. What an e...

Caring for Others, Caring for Ourselves, 2013

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