Celebrating over 20 years of changing the way we care

About us

The Spiritual Care Programme is an international network that offers non-denominational, contemplative-based education, training and care. Its aim is to support people facing loss, ill health or dying and those who care for them. We offer online courses, and training programmes for professionals as well as public workshops and retreats to help people discover their own inner resources for well-being and wholeness. 

The Spiritual Care Programme draws inspiration from many sources: Buddhist and other contemplative wisdom traditions and its effective methodologies for deepening the human capacity for compassion, mindful awareness and authentic presence, neuroscience, psychology and the knowledge and practical methods of modern healthcare.

To date, more than 40,000 professionals and volunteers from around the world working in all fields of medicine, social care, and education have attended skills-training programmes. Spiritual Care is active in 10 countries and collaborates with universities, hospitals, and other institutions, offering a variety of residential and online courses.

Why is it called spiritual care?

The word "spiritual" refers to those aspects of life which give a sense of meaning, connection, integrity and hope. There are spiritual needs which are universal whatever our beliefs:

  • to love and make an authentic connection with others
  • to understand and transform suffering
  • to rely on a refuge or source of peace
  • to find a meaning in life.



We partner and organize international conferences to foster dialogue and transform the way we care. Our educators are invited to present talks and workshops at conferences around the world.

To support people in need we have established Care Centres in Ireland and Germany.