Celebrating over 20 years of changing the way we care

Support from a Global Community

The structure creates the unique opportunity to study and practice together in a community of like-minded peers from around the world. Graduates have come from North and South America, India, China, Europe and Australia.

Fostering a sense of a community and fellowship is one of the key factors in addressing the sense of isolation so often reported by many working in the field. Building a strong community will also ultimately contribute to making lasting changes in the way end-of-life care is delivered.

Dr. Abhijit Dam, Graduate, Jarkhand India.

Dr. Abhijit Dam started a small hospice and practices rural end-of-life care. Two of our graduates have traveled to India to shadow and work with Dr. Dam

Cristian & Laura
Dr. Laura Aresca – Founder of Paliar Hospica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cristian has been in our hospice for several months and has lived with a brain tumor since 2014. His wish is to be published and feels his mission is “helping people to prepare to die, but to not forget to live”. He says that since he has been ill, his life has taken on another sense and dimension. He feels cared for and loved, more than ever before, and despite the limitations that his illness generates he feels life is full. Cristian is going blind yet he has discovered painting, is in charge of watering the plants, accompanies patients who are alone, and offers comfort to families. He is an inspiration for all of us.


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