Celebrating over 20 years of changing the way we care

What we offer

Professional training

For more than 20 years we have trained professionals working in all fields of medicine, mental health, social services and education. We offer training programmes in:

  • integrating mindfulness and contemplative methods in care
    spiritual care
  • caring for the dying
  • listening and communication
  • bereavement
  • self-care and healing burnout

We partner and organize international conferences to foster dialogue and transform the way we care. Our educators are invited to present talks and workshops at conferences around the world. We provide a consultancy service and our curriculum provides specialised training within social and health care settings, such as hospitals, hospices, as well as on courses at universities.


Public workshops and online courses

We offer workshops and online courses around topics such as:

  • healing relationships
  • caring for loved ones
  • caring for caregivers
  • living with illness
  • facing dying
  • bereavement and loss

For upcoming courses or events, check out our calendar.

Authentic Presence and Deep Listening are part of our training network.